It’s funny.
Everybody sees the effects
of technology
and many even lament of them
when they are pressed
but how many decide
to do anything?
It’s almost hypocrisy.
They see that social media
consumes them
and they question
why shallow things are promoted
but the next time you see them
they will be back on their phones
ignoring the others around them
who are also ignoring them.
The same people who just
admitted that technology is
taking over
with pointless apps that
serve only to waste time
and create more distinctions
between the “in” and the “out”
are now sitting side by side
and ignoring each other
even though they know
the other agrees with them.
Why is that?
Why don’t people decide to change
when they see the same things?
Do they lack willpower
or do they simply not care?

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