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So, my creative writing class is getting a little crazy! We are all participating in NaNoWriMo this year, with the Young Writer’s Program. I am really excited about it, though I think I’m going to become overwhelmed. I put my … Continue reading

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‘Reality‘ is a playscript about a girl struggling with a decision about her passions.

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Red Umbrella

She’s tired, so tired. The cold water feels so good, so refreshing. Her parasol is held high; it can’t be allowed to get wet. Her toes slip between smooth, cold pebbles. The water rises, past her chest full of swirling … Continue reading

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My Not Quite All-Nighter

As my mind became drowsy, one unbelievable truth couldn’t escape my exhausted brain; it was five o’clock in the morning and I had yet to go to sleep. The soft glow of the lamp illuminated my hands, washing them in … Continue reading

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Peace is calm, as is acceptance, though my acceptance is hardly peace.

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